Your One-Stop Shop For Colorful, Creative, Reusable Cage Signs

Cage Signs Etc. is temporarily closed while the owner, AJ, has surgery and is in recovery. For more information and updates, please see Facebook.

Cage Signs Etc. (formerly MH Rabbits) sells colorful, creative, reusable cage signs for rabbits and other small animals.Rabbits sit in a line on top of the words Cage Signs Etc.Cage Signs Etc. designs each sign with unique artwork.  Then, we cover these designs with a water-resistant laminate coating.  This coating allows you to use a permanent marker or wet erase marker on it and still reuse the sign.  Before shipping, we punch a slot in the top of your signs.  This allows you to attach them to your cages with clips for easy moving or with zip ties for more permanent identification.

We currently offer all ARBA accepted rabbit breeds. In each of these breeds we offer many, if not all of the accepted varieties.  Several breeds and varieties with a COD and international breeds not currently accepted by the ARBA are also available.  Signs for pidgeons, cavies, and dogs are also available.

New Lamination for Signs!

Slightly thicker but more importantly, larger this new lamination allows for the hole to be punched through the laminate above the sign instead of through the design on the sign itself. This makes it even more water (and urine!) resistant.

As we transition from signs we have made in advance to the new design, there may be some orders that go out with a mix of old and new. I know some people have been concerned about the sizes mixing so if you want all of the same size, feel free to make a note in the comments section while checking out. I will do my best to accommodate you!

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