Custom Cage Signs

Fully Customized Sign for Lone Star Cavy Club Sweepstakes

Fully Custom Cage Signs

Your own design, logo, etc.
Existing designs with your custom name, information, etc.
OR we will design it for a design fee
Minimum of 25 of each design
$10 printing fee for orders under 100
$1 each (discounts and sales do not apply)
Great for awards, custom rabbitry signs, etc.

New Design Requests

Any already designed breed in a variety not currently available OR redesign an existing breed
Minimum of 25 of each variety/design
NO Printing Fee
$1 each (some discounts and sales may apply)
Get together with fellow breeders to get the varieties you want!

Interested? Shoot me a message below and let me know what you are interested in and I will be in touch as soon as possible!