Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cage Signs Etc. the same as MH Rabbits?
It is and it isn’t, in March 2018, MH Rabbits was purchased by Amber Wiseman and made the transition in April. During this time, it was decided to change the name as well to better represent the company. The signs are the same as those sold by MH Rabbits and many of the designs are identical. Cage Signs Etc. intends to continue to produce these cage signs as well as to create new designs and introduce products other than cage signs as well.

Did you steal your images? I saw them used on Leporidae!
Nope, the original owner of MH Rabbits, Maya Hack is also the owner of Leporidae. When Amber bought the business, permission to use the images was sold as part of it, but Maya retains copyright and will continue to use them for Leporidae.  And if you don’t know what Leporidae is, you should go check it out, it is an amazing rabbit sim game!

Are Cage Signs reusable?
Yes! These tags are sturdy and reusable allowing you to keep them and use them for multiple animals. Though they are water resistant, they aren’t waterproof and may be damaged if submerged or if exposed to excessive water over time such as being outdoors.

How do I write on my Cage Signs?
Wet erase markers are recommended for signs you will be changing somewhat regularly like breeding and for sale signs. While wet erase markers can also be used longer term, using permanent markers offers a longer lasting option.  Either of these can be cleaned off of your Cage Signs, just use a damp cloth for wet erase or rubbing alcohol for permanent marker and you can reuse your Cage Signs again.

Is there a discount for bulk purchases?
Yes, there is a discount for purchasing Cage Signs in bulk. At the moment, bulk discounts aren’t automatically calculated in your cart, so you’ll need to use the contact form and let me know so I can do it manually.
Quantity: 100-499 – $0.70 each
Quantity: 500-999 – $0.60 each
Quantity: 1000+ – $0.50 each

Some of the signs on my order say they are back ordered, what does that mean?  What about being out of stock?
I keep a number of premade signs on hand but sometimes I have to make more so those are listed as being on backorder.  When I need to make more, it will take a little longer to get the signs ready to ship.  If the item is listed as out of stock, it means that I’m in the process of getting more from the printer so you aren’t able to order those until I get them back from the printer as I have no control over how long the printer will take to get the supplies to me so I can make more!

Do you donate to 4-H, fundraiser auctions, raffles, etc.?
Yes! Please use this donation request to let me know what organization and event you would like Cage Signs donated.

Do you offer custom signs?
Yes, we now offer custom signs!  See this page for more information about how to order.

Do you do logos, websites, and other design?
Yes, but these are on hold right now while the I get the business up and running. Check back soon!

Can you make a…? (mug, sticker, t-shirt, etc.)
This is something else I am currently looking into doing.  I’ve been working on some prototypes and hope to have these available soon. Keep up to date with all news on the Facebook page.