Colorful, Creative, Reusable Cage Signs

Cage Signs Etc. (formerly MH Rabbits) sells colorful, creative, reusable cage signs for rabbits and other small animals.


All of our signs are custom printed in full color by a professional printing company. These beautiful signs show the red of a thrianta and the stunning spots of a rhinelander – no need to settle for a simple colored sign with black text.


With over 300 designs including cavies, poultry, dogs, and all 50 ARBA accepted rabbit breeds, you are sure to find something you love. Need something that doesn’t currently exist? Check out our custom sign option.


Each sign has a water-resistant coating that allows you to use a permanent marker or wet erase marker on them and wipe them clean with either some alcohol or a melamine sponge or a wet cloth (wet erase).

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About Cage Signs Etc.

Cage Signs Etc. is a small business owned by AJ Wiseman. AJ has had a passion for both art and animals her whole life, but it was only upon purchasing MH Rabbits that she was able to put those two passions together to form a business. Using the graphic design she learned while studying at Wright State University and combining it with the years of experience showing and raising rabbits and cavies, Amber continues to produce the same quality cards that Maya has offered for the past years and intends to begin to offer new cards, including creative options for cavies, breeding charts, genetics, and more.

It originally started as MH Rabbits by Maya Hack. Amber purchased MH Rabbits in the spring of 2018 from Maya and looks forward to seeing the business grow and change with time.