There are three types of donations that Cage Signs Etc. offers. The first is a discount on products that will be used as awards for a 4-H show or another award for youth. This doesn’t include ARBA Youth Shows unless a clear need is shown. The second option is a donation of a few cards or a gift certificate that can be used for cards that can be used in a raffle, fundraiser auction, etc. The last option is a donation of “dud” cards donated to a shelter or rescue. These are cards that don’t quite meet our standards of perfection but are otherwise perfectly usable. The breeds available may be limited, but feel free to ask.

Please make your request a minimum of a month in advance of your event, more if you are requesting a discount and will need a large number of signs made or are requesting custom signs.  Unfortunately, we are unable to help everyone, but we will read and respond to each request. Thank you for helping make our donations go to youth and wonderful causes.

    Type of Donation Requested